Where to find Broncherry in Palworld? and skills, item drops, and more

Broncherry is a grass-type pal in the Palworld survival game. The Broncherry pal can be found on its own. If you want to catch Broncherry, there are a few ways to catch this pal, Follow us to find those ways.

Where to find Broncherry in Palworld?

Broncherry in Palworld

Method 1: You have to go to a place called Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef, you can find there a powerful Broncherry known as the Alpha Field Boss. You can try to catch it by defeating him in battle when you see it.

Method 2: But, if you want to find the Broncherry Pal very easily, you can also visit its natural habitat place, which is not too far from where you start the Palworld game. In that area, you will probably find a bunch of Broncheri roaming around. So, this is the easiest way to get a Broncherry.

Recall that every Broncherry has a distinct set of abilities, items it may drop upon defeat, and distinguishing characteristics. You can consult a guide on Broncherry in Palworld to get all the specifics if you’re interested in learning more.

A Broncherry pal becomes a dependable worker for your base when you are building your base. It can be given work, particularly those that involve planting things. In this article, we give all the information about Broncherry like its powers, benefits, and skills.

To find Broncherry in the Palworld multiplayer game, you need to go to its natural home place. You should go to the southern part of the Jormuntide travel point. If you don’t see them there, explore the nearby areas because they might be roaming around. Since you are in their habitat place, it’s only a matter of time before you come across a Broncherry.

Broncherry in Palworld is a Grass-type Pal (Creature). It’s weak against the Fire-type Pals, so if you have Pals with Fire abilities, they can easily damage or defeat Broncherry.

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Once you’ve lowered the Broncherry’s Health Points (HP), you can capture it using a Pal Sphere, such as the Hyper Sphere. So, in summary, weaken it with the right fire attacks, then use a Pal Sphere to add Broncherry to your collection.

Broncherry in Palworld: All skills that it can use as it levels up:

Broncherry in Palworld
  • Grass-type Wind Cutter (Level 1): Fires a high-speed blade of wind straight.
  • Ground-type Sand Blast (Level 7): Hurls sticky mud.
  • Neutral-type Muscle Slam (Level 15): Turns sideways before tackling enemies in front, sending them flying into the air.
  • Grass-type Seed Mine (Level 22): Launches a deadly seed, which explodes.
  • Grass-type Grass Tornado (Level 30): Generates two tornadoes on either side before launching them.
  • Grass-type Spine Vine (Level 40): Generates spiny thorns that chase an enemy along the ground, piercing them from below.
  • Grass-type Solar Blast (Level 50): Charges solar energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.

Despite being a pure Grass-type Pal, Broncherry’s moves Muscle Slam and Sand Blast are versatile. Additionally, it has a Partner Skill called Overaffectionate, which boosts your maximum carrying capacity. This means having Broncherry as your partner can help carry more items.

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