Meta AR Glasses To Be Launch in 2027: Reports

As reported by The Verge, Meta has notified all the staff about its plans to release their first commercially available augmented reality glasses in 2027, as detailed in the company’s most recent hardware blueprint. To be sure, the business also has plans related to producing some additional AR glasses before that one, but the product about which they are planning to deploy in four years is the similar one that Mark Zuckerberg thinks has the potential to be Meta’s “iPhone moment.” In other words, he feels it has the power and techniques to cause major changes in the market and eventually become as ubiquitous as the iPhone.

The glasses are said to be able to display all the characters as high-quality holograms overlaid on top of the actual environment, and they will allegedly cost a hefty sum or be expensive. In 2024, staff will have the first opportunity to test the gadget before it is released to the public as part of Meta’s “Innovation” line of cutting-edge smart eyewear for early adopters.

According to The Verge, the business has also highlighted several new augmented reality and virtual reality gadgets that will be released before the release of its full-fledged AR spectacles. A sequel to Ray-Ban Stories, which it co-created with Luxottica, will reportedly be released by the end of this autumn.

On the other hand, this year will also see the release of the Quest 3 headgear, which has been claimed as being twice as small and powerful as a comparison to its previous version. Meta also wants to release a virtual reality headset in 2024, with the nickname “Ventura.” This headset will be sold “at the most appealing price level in the VR retail market,” according to the company.

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Not only this, but Meta is also planning to release the next gen of Ray-Ban Stories by the end of 2025. In this, the “viewfinder” screen will be used to receive notifications, scan QR codes, and instantly convert text into several languages.

The users of these glasses will supposedly be able to operate them by just using hand gestures and will have access to a virtual keyboard for typing text and giving inputs. Meta is also working on a wristwatch or smartwatch to accompany these kinds of spectacles.

It is not only Meta that is planning to release AR and VR eyewear and headsets in the market in the coming years. The highly anticipated Apple mixed reality headset is also expected to make its debut at WWDC in June.

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It is estimated to cost the buyers as much as $3,000 and has tons of cutting-edge capabilities, including wireless input and twin 4K screens. The company is also planning to develop a more affordable and inexpensive model for the average-buyers too.

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