Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology: Announcement At MWC 2023

This new technology will enable mobile back covers to illuminate in a variety of colors. 

The Mobile World Congress, 2023 in Barcelona, is where Tecno supposedly unveiled their Chameleon Coloring Technology. When integrated into a smartphone’s rear, the technology gives the impression of producing a vast palette at the push of a button. In MWC, the Chinese smartphone maker will also unveil the Phantom V Fold, the first folding handset from the firm.

The manufacturer advertises the device as the world’s first smartphone that folds in half horizontally rather than vertically. The MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ SoC is the source of its power, which has been reported. The chipset scored over 1.08 million on the AnTuTu benchmark. 

As per the reports of GSMArena, Tecno Chameleon’s coloring technology is a full-spectrum electrically-controller prism coloring technique that uses a matrix of sub-micron prismatic material that shifts orientation when an electrical field is applied.

Therefore, neither a display nor a source of light, the rear cover just serves as a protective shell. Light reflected from its body may be colored using this method. Light may be controlled automatically or modified depending on the user’s battery life, media, or alerts, and there are more than 1600 color options to select from.

Even though this is one of the cutting-edge innovations, the Color-Changing Back Cover has been around for a while. The business also introduced the Tecno Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition in September of last year. The starting pricing in India for a single 8GB RAM + 128GB storage unit is Rs. 17,999.

The phone’s back panel changes colors from blue to pink to white which is so appealing and looks beautiful. The Tecno Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition has a rear cover that supposedly glows in the sunshine owing to Polychromatic Photo isomer Technology.

Polychromatic Using Photo Isomer Technology, the black-and-white smartphone back cover can transform into a kaleidoscope of colors when exposed to light, creating a thrilling “light chasing” sensation.

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The mechanism exploits “the recovery and breaking action of the sequence of photosynthetic molecular bonds” to convert colorless molecular groups into chromogenic ones and back to their original state of colorlessness when exposed to UV light. The aesthetic of the phone is reminiscent of Mondrian’s art, as suggested by the moniker. 

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