LG’s Latest 2023 OLED TVs Will Arrive in Late March Starting At 1 Lakh: Reports

New Delhi: LG is one of the most trustworthy and oldest companies as it evolves and brings new updates frequently as per the user’s requirements. LG recently showed up a brief look and revealed the cost of their new 2023 OLED televisions. The pre-ordering portal for flagship G3 and mainstream C3 is open from the 6th of March, and the expected delivery is by the end of March only. The C3 TV begins at the price of 1,07,089 rupees for a relatively tiny 42-inch display and grows up to 4,36,849 rupees for the huge 83-inch lavish display version. On the other hand, the G3 TV ranges in price from 2,06,017 rupees for a 55-inch screen to 5,35,777 rupees for a big 83-inch screen.

The source also says that no B3 series will be available until April. Still, the cheapest 55-inch model costs 1,40,065 rupees while the most expensive 77-inch model costs only 2,71,969 rupees. After asking LG about the price revealing of the wireless M3 and transparent OLED TV, the company quoted, “at a later date.”

The G3 has had the greatest updates for the year. It has a unique and beautiful zero-gap design that makes its wall mounting quick and effortless. On the other hand, it also gives 70 percent brighter or exposed visuals which enhances the watching experience. In addition, this model features an updated a9 Gen 6 CPU which performs a better job of showcasing visuals and handling soundtracks as well as the smooth working of multiple operations at the same time. It can even sync up the audio output from the internal speakers with more modern LG soundbars that have powerful bass and eliminate hisses.

If we talk about C3, then it is just an updated version of C2 (last year’s version) while offering the same advantages as the a9 Gen 6 processor. Still, this could be a better bargain than the B3 one for any buyer, especially if they are searching for “sweet spot” dimensions. In terms of spending money on a worthy place, we will state that the 65-inch C3 usually costs 2,06,017 rupees which is just 8,244 rupees more than the B3 TV with a poorer CPU (the a7 Gen 6). So, at that price point, it is way too much better to invest in a more durable set by spending a bit more.

In total, it is a bit unclear how effectively LG’s list of TVs competes with Samsung’s S95C as the Samsung TV has a higher brightness level than the most recent LG model and a faster refresh rate of 144 hertz, which is ideal for all professional gamers. On the other hand, now, only the 77 inches of S95C is accessible, while LG is offering Dolby Vision HDR compatibility (although Samsung continues to rely on HDR10+) in addition to a larger range of screen dimensions and technology grades. In conclusion, the selection depends on your budget, priorities of screen size, and the new features you are looking for. Tally and cross-check every detail via the link mentioned in the post and get the one that suits you.

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