[Top 5+] Best TV under 60000 INR in India (2023)

Are you also looking to get your hands on the best TV under 60000 in India? If your answer to the question is yes then you’re on the right page like always. We all are very familiar with the world of television and the way it has been a major source of entertainment for so many years. 

On the days when we have nothing to do TV or television is what we look up to and because we are so obsessed with entertainment TV becomes much more important. TV in simple words is a medium for transmitting moving images and sound and through television, we are always connected with the latest news, music, movies, series sports, and most importantly useful advertisements. 

TV thus provides us with so much and lets us stay connected to the world around us. TV was first found in 1922 and from then till now it is still the most loved invention of all time. TV only takes a minute or so to lift our mood and also has the capability which makes us spend quality time with our loved ones. 

With so much to give us in a single screen, it also comes in a variety of different brands, sizes, colors, and most importantly prices. Many famous names like Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, etc have created a brand name for themselves in the world of television. Television comes in a vast number of variants and with so much to choose from it gets really difficult for one to know which is the right TV for them to get their hands on. 

Although it gets really difficult for one to choose the right television and with a budget of 60000 even more difficult but it is comparatively low but don’t you worry we have got you. It’s difficult but not impossible because we have managed to curate an article with a list of 5 best tv under 60000 in India. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best TV under 60000 in India

S.NOTVs NameScreen SizePrice Details
1.VU The GloLED 4K smart TV65 inchesCheck Price
2.Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart TV55 inchesCheck Price
3.Hisense Tornado 2.0 smart TV65 inchesCheck Price
4.Acer S Series 4K TV65 inchesCheck Price
5.Kodak 4K Ultra HD smart TV65 inchesCheck Price

The 5 best TV under 60000 in India are:

1. VU The GloLED Series 4K Smart LED Google TV

VU 65 inches The GloLED Series 4K Smart LED Google TV

Check Current Price


  • Brand: Vu 
  • Model name: VU GloLED series 
  • Screen size: 65 inches 
  • Display technology: LED 
  • Resolution: 4K 

The first best tv we have on our list for you is the VI GloLED which promises to Glo brighter than the rest as it comes with 400nits peak brightness which instantly becomes the highlight of your home and is manufactured by inorganic nanoscale materials (Glo material) on a 4K LED panel using an advanced robotic process.

The TV dramatically enriched the color production and its color richness is measured by using the NTSC standard. It also has a 100% OLED color gamut. 

The Vu GloLED TV panel is also paired with the Vu Glo AI processor which upscales OTT content using advanced Al and reproduces the full-color gamut. The Vu Glo ALO  processor has the latest quad-core processor as well as a dual-core GPU to run apps without any lag. The Vu GloLED TV comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage which not only makes its performance smooth But also impressive.

The VU GloLED Tv runs the latest Google TV OS. With the new Google Tv interface browse content from across your apps where all the movies and shows are intelligently organized in ways that reflect your interests. 

The Vu GloLED TV features an integrated DJ class subwoofer which has specially engineered Subwoofer as well that fits into the slim frame of The Vu GloLED TV yet does not crackle or vibrate even if the volume is at 100%. The Subwoofer also enhances the bass frequencies as well as provides a surround sound effect that gives you the most amazing sound experience. 

The Vu GloLED TV comes with a built-in soundbar having 4-in-1 speakers and one subwoofer for a total of 104-watt sound output. With this Tv you don’t need to attach any external speaker; it comes with everything in one place. Not only this but it also comes with a hands-free far-field microphone that supports voice search and voice command. 

VU GloLED TV comes with 100% ball visibility to make ball visibility a lot better by using Al algorithms that are a part of the Glo AI processor and also dynamically adjusts pictures and audio to give a stadium-like effect. The VU gloLED TV has Dolby atmos virtualization which enhances the system accordingly. 

Additionally, The VU GloLED TV also comes with a cinema mode, and DJ subwoofer, and sound output cinema-quality audio.

It comes with an Ambient light sensor that dynamically adjusts the picture to suit the ambient light and content. So, whether you are watching TV in a dark or bright room, the Ambient Light sensor automatically adjusts the picture according to your room light which altogether makes The Vu GloLED TV the best available in the market.

What we like

  • Bezel-less design
  • AI PQ engine
  • Backlight control
  • Ambient Light sensor
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Motion Enhancement
  • Cinema mode
  • 100% ball visibility
  • Good picture and sound quality

What we don’t like

  • The voice command may not function properly
  • Hand free mode
  • Doesn’t have the option to directly start media

2. Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV

Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV

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  • Brand: Sony 
  • Model: Bravia 
  • Screen size: 55 inches 
  • Display technology: LED 
  • Resolution: 4K 

The second best tv we have on our list for you is the Sony Bravia. It is considered the best TV because of its amazing features like X1 4K powerful processor with external noise-free and detail-boosted experience. The Sony Bravia X74K also comes with 4K HDR technology where everything you watch is full of life-like colors and contrast. 

Now with the Sony Bravia X74K, you can enjoy and indulge in life with live colors through the advanced imaging technology of Sony TV that allows you to view vivid and bright colors. It also comes with motion flow where you can enjoy smooth and sharp details even in fast-moving sequences.

The TV has 20W open baffle speakers that deliver impressive low-end sound which is ideal for movies, sports, and music. It is also supported by multi-dimensional Dolby audio which is apt for an immersive sound experience. The clear phase is almost a cherry on top as it delivers pure and natural audio for you to enjoy authenticity. 

The Sony Bravia X74K is a Google TV that comes with unlimited content for you to dive into the world of unlimited fun and entertainment. Google tv also allows you to effortlessly control smartly through voice search. It also comes with a built-in Google Assistant with smart home features that adjust lighting and control connected devices. 

Additionally, the TV comes with complete parental control where you can set up daily limits through monitoring app activity with a family link so that you can be carefree. The tv also comes with x protection pro so that you can get rid of ventilation holes and harmful dust on the back of your tv. 

The Sony Bravia X74K comes with a luxurious and refined stand with MGMT cable that keeps your focus on the picture which all together makes The Sony Bravia X74K the best tv available in the market.

What we like

  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Good multiple connectivity system
  • Reliable installation
  • Smooth experience

What we don’t like

  • Decent speaker quality

3. Hisense Tornado 2.0 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Hisense 65 inches Tornado 2.0 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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  • Brand: Hisense 
  • Model name: 65A7H 
  • Screen size: 65 inches 
  • Display technology: LED 
  • Resolution: 60 Hz 

The third best Tv we have on our list for you is the Hisense Tornado 2.0. It is considered the best tv because of its amazing 65 inches large screen with Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ which process frame by frame to bring out the ultimate brightness, color, and contrast on the screen. 

The TV also comes with a 1 billion color 4K resolution and UHD AI upscale that presents you with stunningly realistic picture quality and sharp clarity. The Hisense Tornado 2.0 also comes with a direct full array with LEDs placed all over the panel where brightness is uninformed and the light leakage is reduced and the pixel running ensures to adjust the picture frame by frame in real time and optimizes the overall viewing experience which is just next level. 

Hisense Tornado 2.0 comes with JBL speakers for vibrant immersive symphony sound for a truly enriched audio experience with impeccable clarity. The tv also has up to 6 speaker system which includes 4 impressive bottom-firing full-range speakers and 2 high-frequency speakers that cover the entries audio spectrum range and the ultimate Dolby atmos bring you an immersive audio journey like Never before. 

Moreover, the Hisense Tornado 2.0 Tv has dedicated game mode plus, VRR, and ALLM which lag less, have a stutter, and frame tearing for smoother gameplay and more fun. It also comes with sports mode and smooth motion for a stadium-like experience which will switch on when detecting sports signals for an immersive live experience. 

This is a Google TV which is a smarter way to watch tv where you can also personalize all the content you want and how you want it. It also comes with Google Watchlist and Google Assistant so that you can control tv through your voice and also find movies, stream apps and play music easily. 

Hisense Tornado 2.0 Tv has multiple connectivity options that explain your tv possibilities where you get 3x HDMI with eARC support, 2x USB 2.0, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v5.1. It also has the option of airplay and Chromecast so that you can enjoy all the content that you desire on a bigger screen with a wireless connection to your tv. 

And last the Hisense Tornado 2.0 Tv has a truly bezel-less design and a floating ultra slim glass display that all together makes Hisense Tornado 2.0 the best tv available under 60000.

What we like

  • Amazing display quality
  • Good sound quality
  • In-built Google Assistant
  • Auto low latency mode for VRR
  • Chromecast and Miracast
  • Multiple port system

What we don’t like

  • Lags sometimes
  • Heats up with continuous use

4. Acer S Series 4K UHD Android Smart LED TV

Acer 65 inches S Series 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

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  • Brand: Acer 
  • Model name: Acer S series 4K ultra HD Android 11 
  • Screen size: 65 inches 
  • Display technology: LED 
  • Resolution: 4K 

The fourth best tv we have on our list for you is the Acer S series 4K ultra HD tv as it comes with amazing features like a 4K HDR display with HDR 10+, HLG, 4K upscaling, MEMC, dynamic signal calibration, 1.07 billion colors, WCG+, super brightness, micro dimming, blue light reduction, 178-degree wide viewing angle and what not to give you the best viewing experience with these amazing display features. 

The Tv also comes with an astonishing audio experience that comes with a 50W soundbar with Dolby Atmos supports that promise to give you the most amazing and true sound experience. Not only this it also comes with a 4K ULTRA HD display resolution and 60hz refresh rate with a 178-degree wide viewing angle that gives an ultra-smooth performance. 

The TV also comes with 3x HDMI ports to connect to the latest gaming consoles, set-up boxes, and Blu-ray players. It also comes with 2x USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices for you to enjoy your content on a bigger screen. Not only this but it also comes with eARC- Dolby atmos pass-through eARC HDMI 1 Port, Bluetooth 5.0, SPDIF, Ethernet, and headphones out port. 

The Acer S series 4K ultra HD TV has a certified Android TV v11 Operating system. It also has Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in for you to enjoy all your content in one place. The TV has a voice-controlled smart remote to get you whatever you want in one go. 

Additionally, the tv comes with hot keys for quick access like Netflix, prime video, YouTube, and Disney+hotstar so that you can have a wide range of content in one place. Moreover, the tv has 5 Picture modes, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and a 64-bit quad-core processor to unleash smart Picture processing, contrast calibration, and accurate color production in 4K. 

The Acer S series 4K ultra HD TV comes with a 3-year warranty, installation, wall mounting, and demo by the AHS team which altogether makes the Acer S series 4K ultra HD the best tv available in the market under 60000.

What we like

  • 50W Soundbar
  • Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos
  • Dynamic signal calibration
  • Amazing color contrast
  • Noise reduction
  • Micro dimming

What we don’t like

  • The sound quality could have been better
  • Lags a bit

5. Kodak 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Kodak 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Check Current Price


  • Brand: Kotak 
  • Screen size: 65 inches 
  • Display technology: LED 
  • Resolution: 4K 

Last but not least we have the Kodak CA- series as the best Tv under 60000. It is considered the best TV because of its amazing features like a durable A+ Grade LED panel display with HDR 10 for Ultra bright screen for flawless picture quality even in bright rooms. It also has 4K UHD resolution with enhanced depth, natural color, and textures in place for your viewing experience to be more immersive. 

This Kodak tv also comes with Dolby digital plus and DTS TruSurround sound for the most spectacular sound and not to forget it also comes with powerful speakers that have the ability to turn the tv into a makeshift music system. And android v10 gives you the smartphone Like experience on your tv. 

Moreover, the tv comes with a bezel-less design that blends well with your living room aesthetics and gives you seamless entertainment. It also comes with Google Assistant which gives you all the content you need in just one press and the voice search makes your work easy by finding what you want without any hassle. 

The TV comes with multiple ports where you can connect almost any peripheral to the tv. The ports include USB 2.0 ports, HDMI ARC/ CEC ports, and Bluetooth. You can even utilize the Chromecast Android or Airplay ios app to cast your mobile, Tab, and even your laptop on your TV screen. 

This Kodak TV comes with MEMC Technology which is Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation which ensures smoother frames, even for fast-moving scenes, by minimizing lag with the help of its 10-bit display and refresh rate of 60 Hz so that you can enjoy a wonderful gaming experience on this TV.

The TV is Powered by a quad-core CPU, with Mali GPU, and a clock speed of 1 GHz so that you can enjoy an enthralling visual experience with great performance. 

And lastly, it comes with Ergonomically Designed Remote so that you can access your entertainment right at your fingertips. This TV’s ergonomically designed remote features dedicated hotkeys for your preferred apps and you can even use your voice to navigate through which makes The Kodak CA- series the best tv available in the market.

What we like

  • Amazing display quality 
  • Good sound quality 
  • Monster performance 
  • MEMC technology 
  • Bezel-less design

What we don’t like

  • Lags a bit with over usage 


So there you have the list of 5 best tv under 60000 in India. They are best because of their amazing features and high-end quality. They promise to give you the compact performance you may expect from a Tv and will surely not disappoint you.

We hope that this article might have helped you find the right laptop you looking for according to your needs and requirements.

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FAQs: Best TV under 60000

Which is the best TV under 60k?

All the tv which we mentioned above in the article are under 60k and are the best that one can get in a budget of 60000. Their powerful features and drop-dead gorgeous look will make you fall for Them. All of them have their individual high-end specifications, pros, and cons which make them stand out from the rest. Now it’s up to you which one of them suits your needs and requirements.

Which TV model is best?

Although each one of them is best on their individual terms and stands in the top 5 Sony Bravia, Acer S Series and VU the GloLED series are still some of the best brand names which we get to hear when talking about tv and what makes them the best is their powerful features. 

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