Jio launches new virtual reality headset JioDive VR, watching IPL at home will give a stadium-like experience

Telecom company Reliance Jio has launched its new Virtual Reality (VR) headset JioDive. The JioDive VR headset allows users to watch Indian Premier League (IPL) matches on a 100-inch virtual screen with a 360-degree view. Unique experience has been claimed with this. Users will get a stadium-like experience while sitting at home.

JioDive VR price

Jio’s latest virtual reality headset has been introduced in a single black color. The VR headset is priced at Rs 1,299 and can be purchased from Jio’s official website and JioMark. The company is also giving a cashback of Rs 500 on its purchase from Paytm Wallet.

Specifications of JioDive VR

new virtual reality headset JioDive can be connected with both Android and iOS. However, the size of the phone should be between 4.7 to 6.7 inches. It uses the smartphone’s gyroscope and accelerometer and requires users to install the JioImmerse app.

The device also features adjustable lenses with center and side wheels, which enables users to “make photos sharper and in optical comfort”. JioDive works by placing two lenses in front of the phone’s screen, which gives users a 3D view. It has a 100-inch viewing size. The headset uses the phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer sensors to determine the user’s activity and show different parts of the photo or video.

With this, apart from watching IPL on the big screen, users can also enjoy virtual reality content. Also, you can use JioDive to play games on the big screen. However, users need to be on the Jio 4G, 5G, or JioFiber network to use the JioImmerse app.

can use like this

To use JioDive, users need to scan the QR code on the headset’s box and install the JioImmerse app. Then they have to connect to a Jio network and log in to the app. Now JioDive has to be selected and the option “Watch on JioDive” has to be selected.

After opening the front cover of the headset, users can place their phone between the support clip and the lens and adjust it properly. Now the device is ready for the experience.

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