5+ Best Laptops for CSE Students in India (2023)

Are you also looking to get your hands on the best laptops for CSE students? If yes, then you’re on the right page. Like always we have managed to curate an apt article for you to acquire all the knowledge about CSE laptops in one place. 

Computer science Engineering or CSE is a four-year degree course that involves several computer science aspects that are essential for the creation of computer systems. It provides students with full knowledge of coding, programming, web, and data development. Even the demand for the CSE course has been blooming over the years since the time businesses started going digital.

CSE can be a great option for one to pursue because CSE has become so vast in terms of the job profile. It offers a variety of jobs in emerging technology areas like a technical architect, solution architect, business intelligence analyst, machine learning analyst, IT consultant, information security analyst, Database Administrator, Security Consultant, Digital Project Manager, and whatnot. All of these are some of the top job sectors for CSE graduates. 

Being CSE students also means that a wide variety of technology and continually emerging resources are always available with technological advancement and immense opportunities of using technology to meet the demand of the development domains and since the future of CSE students is certainly bright with so much to give in a single course. CSE also demands to have a good laptop for students to ease their time in college or university. 

When it comes to buying a laptop, there are a lot of different factors one needs to consider before getting your hands on it, however, taking time out to figure out what you need can be difficult with a busy lifestyle. CSE is a vast programmer and it provides students with adequate knowledge with that it also becomes mandatory for a student to have a high-end laptop to adapt and learn those skills.

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Yes, it is true that today’s market is full of options for one to get their hands on making it more difficult for a person to choose the correct laptop according to their needs and requirements. But don’t you worry we have got you? We have managed to curate a list of the 5 best laptops for CSE students. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Best Laptops for CSE Students

S.NoLaptops NamePrice Details
5.LG Gram17 Intel EVOCheck Price
4.ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLEDCheck Price
3.SAMSUNG Galaxy Book ProCheck Price
2.Apple MacBook Air LaptopCheck Price
1.ASUS ROG Strix G15Check Price

The list of the 5 best laptops for CSE Students are: 

5. LG Gram17 Intel EVO

LG Gram17 Intel EVO cse students


Display: 17 Inch IPS WQXGA Panel

CPU: Intel i7-1260P 12th gen, GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics

RAM: 16GB DDR5, Storage: 512GB SSD

Weight: 1.35Kg



  • Quiet responsive 
  • Long battery life 
  • Thunderbolt 4 port
  • AI software drives privacy and productivity tools
  • ultra-light thin laptop 
  • Amazing display quality
  • Good privacy system


  • – Average speaker quality 
  • – Average performance 
  • – Average graphics

The very best laptop we have on our list for CSE students is the LG Gram 17. It is considered the best because of its amazing features like the way it gets more powerful while remaining lightweight. It comes with a 17-inch IPS display with (2560×1600) resolution which is designed especially for your productivity offering a full grasp of information on a single page. 

The LG Gram 17 comes with an anti-glare screen that prevents screen reflection during the day or while outdoors so that you can keep hustling anytime, anywhere. It also comes with powerful performance powered by an intel 12th Gen CPU to meet all the intensive demands from gaming and from creating.  The laptop also comes with Windows 11 which is redesigned with the notion of flexibility and ease of use in mind. It optimizes screen space and improves productivity with upgraded security, accessibility, social features, and whatnot. 

Furthermore, the laptop comes with LG Glance by Mirametrix for attention sensing with privacy guard and alert, smart pointer by AI technology, digital wellness, and LG’s advanced face, eye, and gaze sensing that instantly sense and boost security and create intuitive devices. 

Not just this with attention sensing it also comes with motion sensing that has easy screen Control that transfers active content to the screen you’re working on and also tracks your movement and gaze accordingly which is amazing. The amazing privacy locks or turns off the screen in the absence and also blurs the screen when we look away. 

The LG Gram 17 comes with a high-capacity battery that delivers up to 17.5 hours of long battery life and its Specialised features for video conferencing offer amazing features. The all-new building healthy routines pause media in your absence, detect and alert your bad postures, and also alert you to look 20 feet away for 20 seconds after 20 minutes of continuous working. 

Additionally, it comes with a full HD IR Webcam with AI sound so that you’re always connected and the AI sound technology filters out background noise Lastly it is strong and ready for combat made from durable yet lightweight material which altogether makes LG Gram 17 the best laptop for CSE students.

4. ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED

ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED CSE


Display: 14.5-inch 2.8K OLED 120Hz Panel

CPU: Intel EVO Core i5-12500H 12th gen, GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics

RAM: 16GB DDR5, Storage: 512GB SSD

Weight: 1.7Kg



  • Good display quality 
  • Amazing and loudspeakers 
  • High refresh rate 
  • Backlit keyboard 
  • Thunderbolt 4 port 
  • Quick responsive time


  • – Average built quality 
  • – Average mobility 
  • – Average performance

The second very best laptop we have on our list for CSE students is the ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo, it offers amazing features like a 14.5-inch HDR OLED display with 100% DCU-P3 Color gamut, 93% screen-to-body ratio, up to 559 nits peak brightness and 0.2 ms ultrafast response time.

The laptop has a next-generation screen pad plus for photographers, programmers, video editors, music artists, and game streamers. The laptop also has an app switcher, task group, and control panel on the go. 

The ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 duo also comes with 12th Gen intel EVO core i5-12500H, ASUS Ice cool plus thermal technology, Wi-Fi 6E, RTX 30- series NVIDIA graphics, and 5300MHz RAM that takes your performance to the max making it ultra-powerful. 

The laptop is highly portable. It’s 1.7 kg lightweight and 17.9mm thin for you to have on-the-go creativity. The laptop also comes with a massive 85 watts of power, up to 12-degree tilting angles, 3 sides air intakes, and 38% more airflow to raise the limits of the laptop making it more powerful. 

Furthermore, the laptop comes with dished key caps of 0.2 mm, long key travel of 1.4mm, ultra-smooth and anti-fingerprint touchpad which is brilliantly nuanced for your comfort on the go. The ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 duo comes with a 76 Wh high-capacity battery that lasts for up to 9.5 hours. 

Additionally, the laptop comes with a multiple ports option and Dolby Atmos 4 microphone audio array smart and loudspeaker to break the standard sound Barrier Lastly the laptop is tough and also durably tested for you can rely on it without a second thought. Definitely, it’s the laptop for CSE students. 

3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro Laptop

SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro CSE


Display: 15.6-inch FHD AMOLED Panel

CPU: Intel i7-1165G7 11th gen, GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics

RAM: 16GB DDR4, Storage: 1TB SSD

Weight: 1.05Kg



  • Amazing webcam 
  • Impressive touchscreen 
  • Quick fingerprint reader 
  • Extremely Lightweight 
  • Good Quality built 
  • Good display quality


  • – Average sound quality
  • – Normal in terms of performance

The third very best laptop we have on our list for CSE students is the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro because of its amazing features like a 15.6-inch AMOLED screen size which works brilliantly with vibrant colors in direct sunlight and it also lessens eye strain reducing harmful blue light. 

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro does it all from downloading large documents fast to watching streams with no lag and more with the 11th Gen core processor that is Intel EVO certified which even works on a premium platform with 1TB PCIe of storage so that you can have all the space you need. 

The laptop also pairs your devices and jumps from work to personal. It sets up the computer as a second screen for more productivity and one can also share files quickly sharing. It also allows you to Do your gaming on a larger display, it connects your Galaxy Buds Pro and smoothly switches from video conference to catch up with friends.

Furthermore, The laptop comes with Samsung smart things capabilities that control other devices with a tap. The laptop has tools that make your work from home easy. Additionally, it comes with a camera beauty filter with background noise cancellation that lets you make a good impression. 

Lastly, the laptop comes with 3x faster WiFi than normal WiFi and the Windows 10 OS operating system which makes your life, even more, easier That all together makes the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro the best laptop available in the market for CSE students. 

2. Apple MacBook Air Laptop

Apple MacBook Air Laptop CSE


Display: 13.6-inch Liquid Retina Panel

CPU: Apple M2 chip, GPU: Integrated Graphics

RAM: 8GB DDR4, Storage: 256GB SSD

Weight: 1.24Kg



  • Extremely portable 
  • Backlit keyboard 
  • thin and lightweight
  • Good display quality with vibrant colors 
  • Amazing performance 
  • Good sound quality


  • – Heats up sometimes

The fourth best laptop we have on our list for CSE students is the MacBook Air laptop because of its amazing features it is strikingly thin and brings exceptional speed and power efficiency within its durability. With the MacBook Air laptop, one can work, play, and create anything- anywhere it’s highly portable and ultra-capable. 

The MacBook Air is only 1.24 kg and 1.13 cm thin and has an M2 chip for the next generation of fast and powerful. All the apps run lighting including Microsoft 365 and many other IOS applications. It also keeps everything safe and secure.

The battery goes all day and night and lasts for up to 18 hours of battery life. It is up to 1.4x faster and up to 15x faster than the Intel-based model which makes the performance prepare to take off. 

The MacBook Air comes with a clear, gorgeous, and breathtaking 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display that supports 1 billion colors for brilliant and sharp details. With 500 nits of brightness, P3 wide color, and True Tone technology you can be sure to have the best screen experience ever. 

Moreover, the laptop comes with a 1080p FaceTime HD Camera so you can look best on video calls with a camera that doubles the resolution and Low light performance Plus the three-mic array allows you to come through loud and clear on calls with advanced beamforming algorithms to capture clean audio. 

Furthermore, it comes with a four-speaker sound system with improved stereo separation and vocal clarity and special audio with support of Dolby atoms placed sound all around you. Additionally, The MacBook Air comes with a MagSafe power connector with two thunderbolt ports for high-speed accessories to connect up to a 6k display. 

Lastly, it comes with a magic keyboard that lets your fingers fly. It’s comfortable and quiet and with Touch ID it’s fast and easy to unlock your Mac which altogether makes the Apple MacBook Air the best laptop for CSE students available in India. 

1. ASUS ROG Strix G15

ASUS ROG Strix G15  best for cse students


Display: 15.6-inch FHD 300Hz IPS Panel

CPU: AMD Ryzen R7-5800H, GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti

RAM: 16GB DDR4, Storage: 1TB SSD

Weight: 2.1Kg



  • Amazing battery life 
  • Fast refreshing rate
  • Lightweight design 
  • Fast cooling


  • – No webcam 
  • – Lags sometimes

Last but not least we have Asus ROG Strix G15 as the best laptop for CSE students because of its amazing features like a 15.6-inch full HD IPS display with 1920×1080 screen resolution and 300Hz high refresh rate panel that makes your screening experience more amazing and a very smooth. The laptop has a 300hz display that balances refresh rate and resolution and the super narrow bezels frame your view as well. 

The Asus ROG Strix G15 laptop also comes with an aluminum capped lid to its textured base, it comes with extreme durability with athletic style. It comes with top metal that resists knocks and bumps with slimmer Bezels. It has a redesigned light bar that increases the density of LEDs to create a more refined underflow. 

The laptop also comes with a Rog Intelligent cooling thermal system with a grizzly liquid metal thermal compound that keeps the laptop profile quieter and effective cooling. The thermal compound pulls more heat away from the CPU. the fans push more air with less turbulence. The air flows through up to 4 heat sinks and fan outlets to expel heat. 

Asus ROG Strix G15 laptop comes with Windows 10 with the free upgrade to Windows 11 Home to elevate its core. it comes with the latest AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti 4 GB GDDR6 which is everything you need from gaming to multitasking. It also comes with Up to 1TB PCIe SSD storage so that you can have all the space. 

Furthermore, the laptop is highly portable and user-friendly. It improves everyday comfort and usability with an active touchpad area that is 85% larger than previous generations. It also comes with WiFi 6 which boosts peak interface and increases efficiency and reliability and gets less lag. 

Additionally, The laptop has an ROG range boost to enhance reception by evaluating the signal strength and high capacity 90Wh battery that extends your battery life with type C charging from compatible power packs for everyday activities like web browsing and streaming video. 

Lastly, the laptop comes with Twin Smart Amp speakers that fire sounds directly at you to maximize clarity. It is powered by Dolby Atmos and two-way Al Noise Cancelation that removes unwanted noise to give you crystal clear sound which makes Asus ROG Strix G15 the best laptop for CSE Students. 


So there you have it, the list of 5 best laptops for CSE students. You can’t go wrong with any of the options. All these laptops in the list have some of the most amazing features to offer. We keenly went through the specification and their individual pros and cons, they promise to stand out amongst the rest because of their amazing features and build.

We hope this article helped you save some of your valuable time. Thank you for reading, Happy shopping! 

FAQs: Best Laptops for CSE Students

Which laptop is best for BTech CSE?

All the laptops mentioned in the list we curated for CSE Students Are best for BTech CSE. LG Gram 17, ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 duo, Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, MacBook Air laptop, and Asus ROG Strix G15  are Some of the best laptops you can get your hands on without having a second thought. 

Does a Btech CSE student need a laptop?

Yes, BTech CSE students do need and require a laptop to some extent for personal use as well as for the course with all the specifications and features mentioned above in the list. A laptop with a good operating system, fast processor, and amazing hard drive can be the go-to for CSE students.

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