5+ Best Gaming Laptops under 60000 INR in India (2023)

Finding the best gaming laptops under 60000 INR in India is still very difficult because of the endless options available in the market. That is why we have compiled a list that will definitely bail you out from this confusing phase of selecting only one from the thousands. Every individual has different priorities that they set before buying a laptop according to the job, workload, brand, model, specs, etc.

It is very easy to get puzzled among the varieties of choices available on the web but don’t worry as you have now reached the page, which is full of only correct, clear, and precise data. We will here give you a brief glimpse of those gaming laptops that are not only premium but also provide the best output in every aspect.

This complete guide will make you aware of tip-to-toe information and promises to help you in selecting the best gaming laptop under 60000 in India. So, what else are you waiting for? Read the complete article with patience and get the one that is made only for you.

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How we picked the best gaming laptops under 60000 INR in India?

There are a lot of elements, features, and facilities that an individual must go through before finalizing their laptop because these basic units have the highest impact on the working of the laptop.

So, we filtered and examined a lot of factors and ended up with the most crucial ones. These things helped us the most as well, in choosing the best gaming laptops under 60000 INR in India which is awesome in every aspect. Let’s get a quick glimpse of that:

1. Processor:

This is basically the CPU of the system. It deals with the multiple as well as continuous operations going on inside the laptop as per the commands given by the user. A gamer needs a processor that makes the work smoothly and runs all the heavy programs, games, and applications like butter. In this section, we recommend having an Intel Core i9, and if not that then at least Intel Core i7 or Ryzen 5000 as this works best in gaming laptops.

2. RAM:

It stands for random access memory, and it deals with the highest number of applications and software that an individual can run simultaneously in the system. Having a gaming laptop with only 4GB RAM is like wasting money. So, a gamer must go with a laptop with 32GB RAM, and if not that then at least 16GB RAM else the system will face heavy lag. Make sure, that the laptop has the option of adding external RAM so that you can extend that in the future.

3. Storage:

Now, we all have endless data to store safely and securely forever in the laptop so that we can have our required data anywhere and anytime. Laptops with 1TB storage is what professional gamers recommend but if you find other options like 512GB storage then it is also fine enough. Also, SSDs are much faster and more dependable as compared to traditional hard discs so choose the updated one always.

4. Display:

For a gamer, visuals matter a lot and for this, you need to keep an eye on the pixels that deal with the resolution, clarity, and data to be presented on the screen in one go. In this section, you can have an IPS panel that gives billions of colors and brightness.

You can also grab the laptop with an OLED screen as it gives a commendable picture quality. Apart from this, make sure to have an sRGB color rating and brightness of more than 300 nits as this will make the visual look more appealing.

5. Connectivity:

Pairing additional devices with your system is very important these days because of the multiple gadgets we use altogether while using our laptops. For the smoothest networking, the built-in feature of Wi-Fi 6 is what we recommend to every buyer.

Also keep in mind to check the availability of ports like USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI, and so on as these features will give you portability and comfort while operating the system. To make your selection easier and quicker, we even selected the best 3 laptops among our list of 5 best gaming laptops under 60000 INR in India. So below, have a blink on that as well.

Best Gaming Laptops under 60000

S.NoGaming Laptops NamePrice Details
5.ASUS TUF Gaming F15Check Price
4.MSI GF63 ThinCheck Price
3.HP Victus GamingCheck Price
2.Acer Aspire 5Check Price
1.Dell G15 GamingCheck Price

Let’s start our list of the best gaming laptops under 60000 rs in India:

5. ASUS TUF Gaming F15

ASUS TUF Gaming F15

Check Current Price

This ASUS Intel core i5 10th Gen laptop is loaded with new features and functions. It has a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphic card that gives the best visuals and supports uninterrupted gaming. For multitasking, it has 32 GB dual-channel DDR4 memory.

Not only this, but it also has a dual fan, self-cleaning, and operating modes for optimized cooling which makes sure that the laptop does not overheat during long-term gaming sessions. In the place of the operating system, it is supported with Windows 11 Home which d all the multi-tasking and smooth functioning of all the commands.

The plus point is that it has passed the complete durability test which includes drop, shake, heat, humidity, and so on, or can be said that it has military-grade toughness. When it comes to display then it has a 144 Hz of refresh rate, 39.62 cm of FHD panel, 250 nits, ‎1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, and an anti-glare display which is awesome. The storage is what makes it unique and spacious that is 1 TB, more than usual laptops.

For enhancing the gaming mood, it has a keyboard with over-stroke technology, more than 20 million presses, and RGB lighting which also catches everyone’s attention. To support the video, it has louder volume and deeper bass because of DTX Ultra. Apart from this, it also has 2 speaker system in-built laptop with Smart Amplifier Technology that gives a theater-like feeling at home. It is also equipped with a front camera, unlike other competitors.

After a full charge, it has an average battery life of 6 hours which is more than any other laptop in the above-mentioned list. For connectivity, it offers ‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB (2.0 Ports and 3.0 ports), and HDMI too which give access to use multiple devices at a single time.

On the other hand, it just weighs 2 kg 300 g which makes it travel-friendly as well as portable too. Overall, it is the best option for every laptop so you must not let it go out of your hands.


Display:15.6-inch FHD 144 Hz Refresh Rate Panel
CPU:‎IIntel Core i5-10300H 10th Gen
GPU:NVIDIA 4GB GTX 1650 Graphics
Storage:1 TB SSD
Weight:2 kg 30 g

4. MSI GF63 Thin Gaming Laptop

MSI GF63 Thin Gaming Laptop

Check Current Price

MSI GF63 Thin laptop comes with an 11th Generation Intel Core i5-11400H processor which is somewhere good and ensures smooth multi-tasking. It has Windows 11 Home with lifetime validity and software like Nvidia GeForce Experience MSI Center is already installed for the instant start working. When it comes to displaying visuals then it works superbly because it is a big 40 cm full HD IPS panel that showers the best exposure with balanced brightness.

Apart from this, it is also very sleek, slim, and lightweight (1.86 kgs) which makes it look stylish. For giving the best in graphical tasks, it has NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050, GDDR6 4GB and it commendably deals with the quality of standard games and high resolution of the videos you want to see on screen.

It increases the experience of gameplay through its Hi-Resolution Audio which matches the visuals and provides the sound quality of a premium level. With heavy games, it is obvious that the laptops get hot, but this is not the issue here because it stays cooler and quieter even under load.

Not only this, but it also has a unique X-shaped ventilation hidden underneath the keyboard. Now, the most important thing is that in storage it offers only 512GB and in RAM it has 8GB which is extended to 64GB which is not so good but also not so bad.

Its special feature includes that it has a built-in microphone that converts the sound into audio like magic, a backlit keyboard that gives uniqueness, and portability that makes it travel-friendly.

When it comes to charging then it has 4 hours of average life and for connectivity, it gives multiple options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI which is enough. In total, it is a good deal to have your hands on.


Display:‎40 cm FHD and IPS panel
CPU:‎Intel Core i5 11th Gen
Storage:512 GB SSD
Weight:1 kg 86 g

3. HP Victus Gaming

HP Victus Gaming

Check Current Price

HP is very famous for laptops and various other gadgets because of its trust factor. It is made for giving the best gameplay experience through the amazing AMD Radeon RX 5500M graphics card which makes the colors come beautifully with high contrast and resolution (‎1080p).

In the display section, it has a big 40.9 cm FHD IPS panel that gives 178 degrees of the wide angle of view, is anti-glare, and has a cool micro-edge design which makes sure proper exposure. It works smoothly and gives no obstruction anywhere.

This laptop also has 6 core AMD Ryzen 5 processor which is marvelous and makes sure that you get uninterrupted gaming. When it comes to storage then it has 512 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM that deals with quick responsiveness, multitasking, and shorter load times.

For non-stop gaming, it gives 50% of quick charging in just 30 minutes which has an average battery life of 4 hours. It has a Windows 10 home operating system, and the best part is that it has one year of warranty that gives promise of safety and security.

For multiple connections it offers, Wi-Fi certified 6 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5 combo along with 4 USB ports. It is also portable as it weighs just 2 kg 480 g. No video is complete without the audio and for this, it has audio by B&O that gives a crisp and clear sound that syncs properly as well as enhances the gaming experience.

For keeping the laptop cool throughout it is supported with 5-way airflow and 4 heat pipes design. If we talk about its backlight keyboard, then it has a larger keypad and spacebar which makes working easy.

The best part is that it has a dashboard for gamers that keep an eye on every key metric and give real-time updates. It is specially made for gamers as it is loaded with many gaming facilities. So, in total, it is a good deal.


Display:‎16.1 Inches FHD and IPS panel
CPU:‎Ryzen 5 5600H
GPU:AMD Radeon RX 5500M
Storage:512 GB SSD
Weight:‎2 kg 480 g

2. Acer Aspire 5 Gaming

Acer Aspire 5 Gaming

Check Current Price

Acer produces the best gaming system. It looks simple, sleek, and royal which grabs everyone’s attention. It has an Air inlet keyboard design as well as dual fans supporting multiple cooling modes and a dual copper thermal pipe that eradicate heating and makes the system cool throughout the gaming.

When it comes to gaming then it has a large 15.6 inches FHD IPS panel and an 81.18% screen-to-body ratio display that makes the visuals look real and enhance the gaming mood to the next level. You can also adjust the blue light emitted from the laptop screen and even get the proper control of the system.

Its upgradable RAM and additional SSD slot give it the power of upgrades as it comes with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB storage already. It has a GPU of ‎NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 that gives the best visuals.

In the section of sounds or audio, it is equipped with a built-in stereo speaker that amplifies the experience. Not only this, but it also has two-way AI noise cancelation technology that gives you real, audible, and isolated-from-disturbance audio. It is very lightweight (‎1 kg 800 g) and has a metal covering which makes it travel-friendly. It has an Intel core i5 processor that is quite enough for a gamer.

It has a Windows 11 Home operating system that deals with multi-tasking and all the puzzled commands. For connectivity, it has options for Bluetooth, Ethernet, and 3 USB ports. Its special features include Aluminum Top Cover, Elevated Design, Wi-Fi 6 E, and Thunderbolt 4. Overall, it is a good option and recommended by many gamers.


Display:15.6 inches FHD IPS panel
CPU:‎Intel Core i5 12th Gen
Storage:512 GB
Weight:‎‎1 kg 800 g

1. Dell G15 Gaming Laptop

Dell G15 Gaming Laptop

Check Current Price

This Dell 15 inches laptop is one of the best gaming laptops under 60000 INR in India because of its incredible features, facilities, and design. It has 11th Gen Intel Core processors that give access to smooth multitasking and uninterruptable usage.

It also has dual air intake from the top of the keyboard and the bottom that is cooperated with the four vents located on the sides and rear (advanced thermal design) which ensures that the laptop stays cool and fast throughout the gaming.

It has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphic card that plates the best visuals in a way that looks appealing, and colorful, and even features ray-traced graphics and cutting-edge AI features. Now when it comes to its display then it has FHD 120Hz panel with 3000-nits brightness, sRGB 100% color gamut, and 1ms response time which is really commendable.

Its dark shadow color with a 3-sided narrow border, ‎2 kg 650 g weight, backlit keyboard, and modern aluminum cover with an iridescent logo make it stand out of the queue by giving a royal look.

For connectivity, it supports ‎USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, 4 USB ports, and Bluetooth which is ample. It is also prepared to solve all gaming issues and give you all the system controls. When it comes to operating system then it supports Windows 11 and for storage, it has 512 GB and RAM of 8 GB which is enough in this range. It has the best graphics, controls, processor, space, and speed which make it the best option.


Display:15.6 inches FHD 120Hz panel
CPU:‎Intel Core i5 11th Gen
Storage:512 GB
Weight:‎‎2 kg 650 g


Above we talked about the top-most options available in the market when it comes to best gaming laptops under 60000. We also judged them on the basis of processor, graphic card, display, and so on to make the selection process for you more straightforward and quicker.

Yes, it is true that the needs and requirements of gamers may vary from one user to another and for this, we suggest you go through every detail peacefully and then decide the one that fits you the most.

We have also given you a short buying guide or tip as well as the top 3 recommendations as per the pro users which are literally found very rare in pages like these. So last but not least, if still you have any other questions or suggestions regarding the buying process then do let us know in the comment section below because we will love to help you. HAPPY BUYING!!

FAQs: Best Gaming Laptops under 60000

Are gaming laptops under 60000 good for everyone?

Yes, any kind of user can choose a laptop of the 60000 price range, but he/she must be sure that the chosen laptop has all the features and facilities they are looking for which mostly includes RAM, CPU, GPU, display, storage, etc.

How much does a gaming laptop cost?

It depends on the updated version of the specs as well as the facilities you are expecting to be in the laptop. Apart from this, it also depends on the brand and its trustworthiness. A good gaming laptop can also be bought under 60000 INR too.

Which is the best gaming laptop under 60000?

The best gaming laptop under 60000 is ASUS TUF Gaming F15 but still, there are more competitors mentioned on the page above.

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