Ayodhya Gilhari Story: The Prime Minister gave a big message through the dialogue between Lord Ram and the squirrel; Know this inspiring story

Ayodhya Gilhari Story: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ayodhya was unprecedented in many ways. After the consecration of five-year-old Ramlala in the Ram temple, the Prime Minister addressed the entire country for about 36 minutes. He gave a motivational message based on the theme ‘Dev Se Desh’ and ‘Ram Se Rashtra’.

During his address, PM Modi gave a big message to the countrymen by mentioning the dialogue between Lord Ram and the squirrel. He called for not underestimating one’s contribution through this inspiring story related to folklore and faith. Prime Minister Modi said that the dialogue between the squirrel and Lord Ram tells us that positive thinking and efforts should always continue.

Mention of transcendental divinity after 84 minutes of special puja

Prime Minister Modi said, after the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, a new era started in the country from today. The child form of God was consecrated under the leadership of PM Modi with Vedic method and complete rituals. PM Modi performed the puja which lasted for 84 minutes in the sanctum sanctorum of Ram temple. After the completion of the puja, the Prime Minister also gave donations to the priests and Acharyas who were chanting the mantras.

An Acharya present in the temple blessed the Prime Minister by wearing a gold ring. In his address after the puja rituals, the Prime Minister said, there is no place for pessimism in the country today. If anyone thinks that I am ordinary and small then he should remember the squirrel. This will teach that every effort, big or small, has power and contribution. This feeling will become the basis of a strong, capable, grand, divine India.

The story of Lord Ram and the squirrel; Incident related to Ram Setu

Referring to the change in time, Prime Minister Modi said, that with the consecration of life in the Ram temple, the time cycle will change again and will move in the auspicious direction. During this, he also mentioned the construction of Ram Sethu and said that today there is no place for pessimism in the country. Calling upon everyone to contribute to the development of the country, PM Modi also discussed the contribution of a small squirrel in the construction of Ram Setu. We will tell you what that story was….

Inspirational story of conversation between Lahari and Lord Ram

The author of Ramkatha himself has said that Ramayana is Shatakoti Apara. That means Ram Katha is not just one, there are many versions of it. In India, a country with Shruti tradition, there are many such incidents related to Lord Ram which thrill as well as inspire the entire humanity beyond the boundaries of time, place and borders.

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This story of the conversation between the squirrel and Lord Ram is from Rameshwaram. When Lord Ram’s monkey army was building Ram Setu before waging a religious war against Lanka’s ruler Ravana, at the same time Maryada Purushottam Ram’s eyes fell on a squirrel. According to her capacity, she was giving small pebbles to the workers engaged in the construction of Ram Setu.

What answer did the squirrel give to Lord Ram’s difficult questions?

Lord Rama was surprised when the squirrel did this and asked him a question. He asked why she was putting pebbles in Ram Setu. What is the thinking behind this? What would be the importance of its pebbles among the big stones? The squirrel answered all the questions without any hesitation and with full confidence. The squirrel told Siyawar Ram that even though her contribution seems very small in terms of size, from the point of view of intentions she is contributing to her full potential.

What is also important is the amount of contribution and labour or the stones being laid in Ram Setu, but the idea is to play a positive role. Lord Ram was very pleased with his answer. There is also a belief that the stripes on the back of the squirrel are the marks of the three fingers of Lord Rama.

Mention is also made of the strong faith of the great ascetic Shabari.

After the first puja in the Ram temple, while giving the countrymen a darshan of the divinity of Ayodhya, the Prime Minister in his address said that our Ramlala will no longer live in a tent. Our Ramlala will now live in the divine temple. This sun of 22 January 2024 brought an amazing aura. Today, all directions, directions and distances are full of divinity. PM Modi said tribal mother Shabari used to say for long – Ram will come.

This faith born in every Indian will become the basis of a strong, capable and grand India. The saints who interpret the events of Ramkatha have also called Mother Shabari as a great ascetic. The Prime Minister said we all know that Nishad Raj’s friendship is beyond all boundaries. How fundamental is their sense of belonging? Everyone is ours, everyone is equal. The feeling of belongingness among all Indians will become the basis of a new India. This is the expansion of the consciousness of the nation from God to the country and from Ram.

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