AI Child: A new wonder of technology, the world’s first AI child created by China, which does all the work just like us.

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz about Artificial Intelligence in every corner of the world including India. Many big tech companies are making new inventions, similarly with the help of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, they are making many such inventions which can help in making people’s lives easier and can completely change their daily routine. Keeping this in mind, China has created the world’s first AI child. This baby girl has been named Tong Tong, who is an AI baby girl created by AI developers from China.

Its name (Tong Tong) means little girl in Hindi. This AI child can do all the work exactly like human children, and also answers the questions asked by you immediately. Let us give you complete information about this AI girl.

According to a report by a Chinese news agency (South China Morning Post), this first AI baby has been created by computer scientists of the Beijing Institute of General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI) with the help of AI technology. Apart from computer scientists, applied mathematician and cognitive AI scholar Zhu Songchun also led its creation. It is said that Zhu Songchun left his professorship at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020 to establish this institute.

All these scientists of China say that this AI girl behaves like a 3-4 year-old girl and even after listening to her words, it seems as if a 3-4 year-old girl is talking. This AI baby works on autonomous learning, say Chinese scientists, and hence it keeps learning the things happening around the children. This AI girl has been taught about 600 words, and Chinese scientists have fitted emotional intelligence features into it. With the help of autonomous learning technology, this baby will gradually see and learn more words and activities done by human children.

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This girl knows how to laugh, cry, play, get up, sit etc. like any human child. According to Chinese scientists, this AI girl can recognize humans after seeing them once. Her common sense also works almost like that of humans, this girl is capable of showing all types of emotions.

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