How to Turn On Laptop Without Power Button? (5 easy ways)

There are several problems that can occur with laptops, and one of the most frustrating is when the power button doesn’t work to turn the laptop on. This can be caused by a variety of issues, from a loose power cord to a faulty power button.

In some cases, you may be able to fix the problem yourself, but in other cases, you may need to take your laptop to a professional for repairs.

If your power button isn’t working, the first thing you should do is check the power cord to make sure it’s firmly connected to both the laptop and the wall outlet. If the cord seems loose or damaged, try replacing it with a new one. If that doesn’t work, you may need to have the power button replaced by a professional.

There are a few other things you can try before taking your laptop to a repair shop, the good news is that you can turn on the laptop without power. Don’t know how? Then read this article at the end to know How to Turn On a Laptop Without a Power Button?

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How to Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?

1. Turn On the Laptop Using the Keyboard

When your laptop not turning on with your power then there are several ways open for you, did you know that you can also turn on your laptop using the keyboard? This can be handy if the power button is not working or if you want to turn on the laptop without having to press the button.

To turn on your laptop using the keyboard, simply press the Fn + F1 keys simultaneously. You may need to hold down the Fn key for a few seconds before the computer powers on. If this doesn’t work, try pressing Fn + F2, Fn + F4, or Fn + F12. In most probable cases it will open the BIOS of your laptop and you can locate power management settings you have to turn on the power by the keyboard. If none of these keys work, try the other methods given below.

2. Turn On the Laptop With Wall Socket

If your laptop’s power button is broken, you can still turn it on by connecting it to a power source with a wall socket. Here’s how:

First, make sure that your laptop is plugged into the wall socket. Next, find the power cord that goes from the wall socket to your laptop. Once you’ve located the power cord, look for the small button on the cord. This button is typically located near the end that plugs into your laptop.

Once you’ve found the button, press and hold it for a few seconds. After a few seconds have passed, you should see your laptop’s screen turn on. If it doesn’t, try holding the button for a longer period of time. Once your laptop is on, you can proceed to use it as usual. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep it plugged in.

3. Using Wake On LAN

Wake on LAN (WOL) is a great way to turn on your laptop without using the power button. By using WOL, you can remotely wake up your laptop when it’s in sleep mode or even when it’s turned off. This can be useful if you’re away from your laptop and need to turn it on in order to access it.

In order to use WOL, you’ll need to have a few things set up. First, you’ll need to enable WOL in your BIOS. Second, you’ll need to have a network card that supports WOL. And finally, you’ll need to have a software application that can send the WOL signal to your laptop.

Once you have all of these things set up, you can turn on your laptop remotely by simply sending the WOL signal to it. When your laptop receives this packet, it will power on.

4. Clock Battery Method

Is your laptop’s power button not working? Don’t worry – you can still turn on your laptop without using the power button. All you need is a clock battery.

Simply remove the battery from your laptop and connect the clock battery to the power lead. Then, press the clock battery against the power lead for about five seconds. This will power on your laptop without using the power button.

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If you don’t have a clock battery, you can also use a AA battery. Just connect the AA battery to the power lead and press it against the lead for five seconds. This should also power on your laptop without using the power button.

5. Using Lid

All you need to do is find the lid switch and tape it down. This will enable the laptop to turn on when you open the lid, without having to press the power button. This can be a great way to save time and energy, especially if you find yourself frequently turning on your laptop.

There are a few advantages to using the lid to turn on the laptop. First, it is much easier to find the power button on the lid than it is to find the power button on the keyboard. Second, you can avoid accidentally pressing the power button.


If your power button is not working, it can be extremely frustrating. You may have tried a variety of different methods to fix the problem, but if none of them have worked, you may need to take your device to a service center.

It can be difficult to live without a working power button, but there are ways to get by. You can use alternative methods to turn your device on and off, such as using the volume buttons or connecting your device to a power source. You can also try booting your device into safe mode, which can help to troubleshoot the problem.

If your laptop’s power button is not working, don’t despair. There are ways to work around the problem and get your device up and running again.

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